Product Notes

The finish on Inchyra linens is achieved through a highly specialised finishing process. It is an inherent part of the character of our linens that the colour, handle and look is relaxed. 

Inchyra linens are artisanal products, employing a number of highly experienced manufacturers across a wide range of skills in their production. Each run of a print is a one-off, printed to order especially for you, and will be individual in character, colour, depth and finish - it's what makes them so special. In the same way that no old fabric will look or feel the same as another, Inchyra linens may vary from run to run . It is a normal part of the character of the linens that some linting will be present. Larger areas of linting may be hand-corrected.

All Inchyra linens are 100% pure linen. Linen is a natural material and some slubbing may be present in the weave - this is an inherent part of this pure natural fabric and enhances the character of our linens.