The Scottish Highlands

Based in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands, Caroline Inchyra has created a range of timeless fabrics, wallpapers and accessories that take their inspiration from vintage finds and the textures of Scotiand. Working only with pure natural linen and wool, the colour palette is strong, running from deep reds, soft pinks, greens and mustard yellows, to aged blues and greys, colours which are then lent a softness through the artisanal finishes created by the company.

The finish of these linens Is stunning - each run of each linen is unique as a result of the highly specialised production processes employed in their making

Caroline produces only pure natural textiles with a quality that is as much about the feel as the look. These are fabrics with heritage, designed to bring a relaxed but luxurious approach to interiors.

We are proud to be involved in projects around the globe, working with some of the top interior designers in the world. Inchyra fabrics can be found in a wide range of projects from luxury homes in the US and Australia to stunning chalets in Europe and in some of the most renowned hotels in the UK and the United States.

Interior and home accessories by Caroline Inchyra


Caroline Inchyra's latest collection evolved from an old wallpaper found hidden behind a shutter in a cottage on the Inchyra Estate during a recent refurbishment. This pretty floral design, with its Arts & Crafts aesthetic, has been developed into a linen that beautifully extends the overall collection, fitting in seamlessly alongside existing designs. Caroline intentionally worked to a smaller scale for this collection. Alongside the main ‘Briar’ design are ‘Clover’, a useful small coordinating design (available in linen and wallpaper) and the new ‘Linen Check Wallcovering’, a luxurious paper-backed linen wallcovering.