Care of Your Linen

One of the wonderful properties of linen is the breadth of finish that you can achieve with it in interiors. Here's our guide to looking after your linen.

  • Curtains & Covers: we recommend dry cleaning all curtains, and chair or sofa covers if you want to keep them looking the same as when new. If you want a rougher, rustic feel for these items we recommend that you wash the linen prior to making up.
  • Cushions: dry clean if you want to retain the 'as new' look but for a more rustic and lived in feel they can be washed at 30C without significant  shrinkage.

 Rules of thumb:

  • Dry Cleaning: keeps your linen 'as new'
  • Washing at 30C: gives a slightly relaxed feel without shrinkage
  • Washing at 40C: tightens the weave and gives a more rustic feel to the linen

IMPORTANT POINT: Please note that these are care instructions for Inchyra linens only. Our linens go through up to 10 stages in their production process and we know them inside out - the same care instructions on other makes of linen may well give different results.