The Wherwell Cushion / Rose Fringeing | 78cm x 38cm

The large Wherwell Cushion is the centrepiece of the Inchyra Wherwell Collection.  The design originated from a silk brocade cushion found at Inchyra House.  Dating from the mid-1800s the cushion had almost completely disintegrated.  We painstakingly scanned each piece of the original textile to create a printable artwork. The cushion is finished with a deep brush fringe. 

Size: W 78cm  H 38cm

Handmade in our printed pure linen with zip closing and feather cushion pad.

For international orders please note that the cushion pads for this item are bespoke and therefore shipping will include the pad and may be expensive.  We would be happy to advise ahead of ordering. Please email us at


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