Magnetic Aga Covers / Pair / Natural Check

Designed by Caroline Inchyra for her own Aga, these innovative Magnetic Aga Covers solve the problem of lid covers that fall off when you raise the hot plate lid. You won't have to worry anymore about putting hot dishes and pans on pristine lids as our covers will protect them.

Importantly, the magnets and fabric in contact with the Aga can withstand heat well in excess of that emitted.

We are delighted to offer a one-year guarantee from the date of purchase for the magnets in our Aga Lid Covers. If any magnet fails within that time we will replace it free of charge.  This does not apply to the loss of magnets. 


Content: Top and toweling 100% cotton. Binding cotton poly mix

Washing instructions: Remove magnets before washing. Machine wash at 30C

Size: Dia 36cm (fits Aga hot plate lids)

Replacement magnets: if you lose magnets or the strength has decreased (we have magnets at Inchyra that are going strong after three years but the lifetime of individual magnets can vary) replacement magnets are available to purchase from us.