Celebrating 10 Years

In September 2012, I took my first small collection of linens to Decorex in London.  The following ten years have been a wonderful voyage of discovery: of clients and designers, weavers, printers and finishers. I have learned so much over the intervening years, often the hard way which is of course the best way, and I am proud to see the collection that has built up over that time.
This is my opportunity to say thank you. Thank you to the clients who have chosen to bring my designs into their homes. Thank you to the designers who have specified my fabrics for their projects. I will always be grateful that out of the oceans of fabric available you have chosen mine. Thank you to the editors and journalists who have featured Inchyra. Thank you to the agents and representatives who have believed in my collection and promoted it around the world. Thank you to my weavers, printers and finishers.
The Inchyra collection is now represented around the world, from the USA to New Zealand, and over the years we have worked on so many projects that I am hugely proud to have been involved with.
To celebrate the anniversary, earlier this year I embarked on a project to make two single patchwork quilts using every one of over hundred linens that I have released over the decade.  It was a true labour of love and as it grew it was wonderful to see how well designs from across the years worked so beautifully together, and illustrating that a uniquely Inchyra look has developed.  
A huge thank you to all those who have been a part of the first ten years and here’s to the next decade. I’m excited to see what it brings.
With very best wishes
Caroline Inchyra