The What Ifs In Life

Caroline writes:  "I'm now what used to be called middle-aged. Actually, I'm not sure it wasn't called 'late middle age'. But honestly, I feel like I'm just starting. My early career, on the basis of A-Levels, should have ended up in the Arts but because of the needs that must, ended up in the City. I'll never forget sitting with the Evening Standard aged about 19 applying for all the jobs that paid the most - sector irrelevant - just to pay the rent. And so, I ended up in banking, feeding a mortgage monster and stuck in the tunnel. Doing well but it wasn't a passion. 

Marriage and children eventually followed - and then a move to Scotland. And, to cut a long story short, I finally did end up in the Arts. Not exactly but close enough. I've always collected old fabrics - I would always work around a piece of old fabric to decorate a room rather than buying new. Maybe an old piece of ticking or an old 30s curtain that became the focus of a child's bedroom. And then, through a chance meeting with Angus Nicholl who runs the last major commercial linen mill in Scotland, I somehow (really no idea how!) ended up producing fabrics. 

As with many things that are creative there have been swings and roundabouts. Blimey, those learning curves have been big. And they're still happening. You often hear this but, really, if I had known then what I know now I definitely would not have started this. But, let's go back to the beginning of this blog. The What Ifs. 

If we hadn't moved to Scotland. If we hadn't moved to this house. If I hadn't met Angus. If I hadn't had the most incredibly supportive family. If I had given up at the first (or second, third, fourth, fifth) hurdle. If I hadn't put this business through endless iterations before it became what it is. And learned from it. If all those things hadn't happened then I wouldn't be where I am now - with a hard-fought new career as a fabric designer. Finally doing something I absolutely adore. Can you imagine what it feels like to see a fabric that started life in your head actually becoming a part of someone else's home? It's amazing. Or, like today, seeing one of those fabrics on a magazine page? 

We were talking today about a friend who has just retired. I literally cannot imagine why you would do that. I feel so energised and excited to be doing what I'm doing. Every day something new and exciting pops through my inbox, totally energising.  

Apologies for the ramble, but you get the gist. Inchyra is a passion, a great love.  And a journey.  Thank you for joining me on a part of it. "





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