New Balazuc Collection Launches 11th September

Caroline Inchyra writes:  "At long last, the end is in sight - the exhausting process of bringing a collection to launch is nearly finished.  From first thoughts about designs to actually making them available to customers is always a more tortuous route than I ever remember or imagine. This year there have been production mountains to climb that were completely outside our control and at times I really wondered if we would be able to overcome some of the obstacles. In fact, at one point I was ready to chuck in the towel. But along the way there are wonderful moments - from print samples finally coming together, to actually seeing something made up in a new design, through to photography and first press reactions.  

Balazuc is the first full collection that I have produced.  I'm not even very sure why or how it happened - it certainly wasn't the intention as bringing one fabric into production, let alone ten, is a big undertaking for a small company - but as each individual design suggested itself it became impossible not to include it.  The final collection includes five designs - Morocco Stripe, Morocco Marchprint (of which more in a later blog), Trefoil, Posy and Sprig - each in an Ivory and Natural version."

The collection will be available to order from 11th September but we are taking orders for cuttings now (see the Samples section of our website).  

Other new fabrics being added this season are new colourways in the beautiful Couronne Aged Linen - Damson Pink and Smoke Grey - and a new printed check linen that allows us to colour match a check to any of our fabrics giving untold new design possibilities.  


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