Inchyra in The World of Interiors Magazine

There is absolutely no doubt that it is something very special for a small fabric house to make it into the pages of the world's leading interiors magazine. So we are over the moon that our Dedalo print in the Indigo colourway is featured twice in this month's 'Press Freedom' styled shoot in The World of Interiors. 

"It's a real pat on the back and gives important credibility to what we're doing. I meander along up here in Scotland, 500 miles away from the epicentre of UK design, pretty much uninfluenced by what's going on in the wider world and just produce designs and fabrics that I like and would like to live with. It's that simple. But sometimes I have a complete crisis of confidence and wonder what on earth I'm doing and why on earth I have the temerity to imagine that anyone would want to buy something I've developed!"

So, a big big thank you to the very supportive and wonderful Maude Smith at WOI and we'll all get back to work after a bit of sitting on clouds! 

Inchyra Dedalo/Indigo - The World of Interiors Jan 2017




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